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Dr. Fisher has been serving Western Oklahoma and West Texas with chiropractic care for over 35 years. He is a certified medical practitioner for DOT physical exams. He is a physiotherapist, acupuncturist, nutritionist and masseur. He has specialized in treating joint, muscle and gastrointestinal issues for over 3 decades now.

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Chiropractic had influenced Dr. Fisher’s life many times before choosing it as his profession. Like many who enter the Chiropractic field, the young Dr. Fisher was a patient. A football injury prevented him from straightening his neck. “Trying to practice was miserable. The coaches recommended that I get with a doctor before the upcoming game. However, medication proved to be ineffective. A friend recommended that I should get an adjustment from his aunt, who was a chiropractor. The treatment alleviated the stiffness in my neck in seconds.”


In turn, Dr. Fisher was able to provide his son Uriah, an all-state athlete, with care due to the hard knocks he endured on the field and on the court. Dr. Fisher’s mother, as a child, had fallen while running along a section of boxcars. The medical doctors said that she would never walk again. Chiropractic care restored her ability to walk and she later became a "jitterbug" champion. Dr. Fisher has a deep sense of gratitude and faith in this profession.


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Dr. Fisher’s journey as a chiropractor

Dr. Fisher received his Bachelor of Science Degree at Kansas University and Doctorate at Cleveland Chiropractic College in Kansas City. He is a diplomate in acupuncture from the Ryodoraku Research Institute of North America.


He interned with E.L. Brooks D.C., George Reimer D.C. and E.M. Curtis D.C. before entering private practice. If you require chiropractic care for your muscle or joint pain, Dr. Fisher has generations of training. You’ll receive personalized attention when you choose to treat your medical problems with him.

Dr. Fisher’s education and achievement

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